FlexSpec Airborne

FlexSpec Airborne systems feature high-sensitivity gamma and neutron detection, with isotope ID, breadcrumbing and mapping, to meet the needs of aircraft radiation detection missions.  The systems are ruggedized, weather-proofed, and available in a variety of detector configurations and mounting options to accommodate a broad range of aircraft. They also include a simple user interface, with […]

Custom Products

BTI regularly provides custom radiation, explosives, and contraband detection products for our clients’ special applications. Please contact us at sales@bubbletech.ca to discuss your requirements.

CNSC License and Application Support

In Canada, the possession and use of nuclear substances and radiation devices are regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) in accordance with the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (NSCA), its associated Regulations and CNSC licences. Under certain circumstances the possession, use, transfer, import, export, servicing, abandonment and storage of nuclear substances and radiation […]

Decommissioning Support

Using its expertise in a wide range of radiation related fields and its ability to tailor services to meet operational requirements, BTI has an established, proven track record in assisting end users with all their decommissioning needs. BTI’s experienced staff and subject matter experts can assist in all decommissioning aspects including sample planning, waste characterization, […]

Sealed Source Disposal

BTI can provide clients with expert assistance in sealed source disposal. BTI has extensive experience in the transport and handling of Class 7 dangerous goods (DG) and has a CNSC-licenced facility for the use, storage, possession, transfer, importation and exportation of various nuclear substances (sealed and unsealed). Please contact BTI at labservices@bubbletech.ca for addition information.

Sealed Source Leak Testing

The main purpose of sealed source leak testing is to determine, qualitatively, the integrity of a sealed source capsule for leakage. All sealed source leak testing is performed in accordance with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s Licence Application Guide: Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices, REGDOC-1.6.1, version 2, April 2017, Appendix AA: Regulatory Expectations for Leak […]

Survey Meter Calibration

BTI is a licensed facility that calibrates and/or verifies the calibration of gamma-, neutron-, and beta-detecting survey meters. All work is performed within a quality management system that is ISO 9001 certified by BSI under certificate number FM 502976. Certain survey meter calibrations are performed in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 International Standard, General requirements […]

Gross Alpha/Beta Counting

The main purpose of BTI’s gross alpha/beta counting service is to determine, qualitatively, the presence or absence of significant radioactivity. For solid samples, a minimum sample size of 5g is required.  In the case of liquids, a minimum 1L sample is required. Swipes, up to 5 cm in diameter, are also conveniently counted. Please contact […]

Gamma Spectrometry

BTI offers gamma spectrometry services, including activity measurements of various long-lived natural and man-made radioisotopes using a HPGe Coaxial Detector and/or a NaI Detector. For solids, a minimum sample size of 50g is required. For water and aqueous solutions, a minimum sample volume of 1L (1000 mL) is required. Please contact BTI at labservices@bubbletech.ca for detailed pricing […]

BDR-III Calibration Detector

The BDR-III Automatic Bubble Detector Reader is an affordable solution for automatic counting of large numbers of bubble detectors. The BDR-III provides bar code-ready, fully automated counting with machine vision technology that generates database-compatible files in a compact, simple-to-use instrument. To allow the user to verify the proper operation of the BDR-III, a calibration detector […]

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