FlexSpec Mobile on a side-by-side vehicle inside a parking garage
FlexSpec Mobile

The FlexSpec Mobile is a state-of-the-art mobile radiation detection system which provides high-sensitivity gamma and neutron detection with left versus right directionality.  The rugged, slim-lined sensor kit is available fully-integrated with a Chevy Tahoe or as a Transferable model, which can be used in various vehicle platforms and easily moved from one vehicle to another. The system provides rapid and reliable isotope identification and alarm categorization, using proven analysis software.  It also features field-hardened, dynamic background compensation to automatically adjust for background variability in urban and rural environments.  Integrated GPS provides real-time mapping of alarms and the integrated Wi-Fi networks enables secure, remote operation through any authorized, web-enabled smartphone or tablet.  Rapid transmission of data to reachback centers is enabled using the available 3G/4G LTE wireless connection.


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