Leak Testing
Sealed Source Leak Testing

The main purpose of sealed source leak testing is to determine, qualitatively, the integrity of a sealed source capsule for leakage. All sealed source leak testing is performed in accordance with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s Licence Application Guide: Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices, REGDOC-1.6.1, version 2, April 2017, Appendix AA: Regulatory Expectations for Leak Testing of Sealed Sources. Swipes or cotton swabs (one ended) are supplied by BTI as part of the testing kit. Alternatively, the end user may forward their own cotton swabs orĀ  swipes up to a maximum diameter of 5 cm, provided they include a completed BTI Leak Test Sampling Certificate.


241Am, 14C, 252Cf, 36Cl, 244Cm, 60Co, 137Cs, DU, 55Fe, 192Ir, 147Pm, 239Pu, 226Ra, 90Sr, 133Ba, 109Cd, 57Co, 22Na, 238Pu, and 75Se.

Please contact BTI at labservices@bubbletech.ca for additional information.