Bubble Technology Industries (BTI) conducts innovative research and development in radiation, explosives, and contraband detection for clients around the world. The company’s multi-disciplinary team–with expertise in physics, chemistry, electronics, mechanical design, software/algorithm development, and manufacturing–enables BTI to tackle a broad spectrum of research activities. In-house capabilities in modelling and simulation, experimental studies, and rapid prototyping allow BTI to quickly and cost-effectively execute diverse research programs for its clients. Programs range from concept studies to the design and manufacture of mature prototypes, often leading to commercial products.

BTI also provides consulting services, with expertise in a wide range of subjects including radiation detection through conventional and alternative signature techniques, radiation training programs, decommissioning and waste management, nuclear licensing, and development of new radiological sample analysis techniques.

BTI’s research and consulting clients include prominent national labs, defence and homeland security customers, space agencies, regulatory and international standards groups, research institutions, national security agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Cost-effective solutions, personalized customer interactions, and an uncompromising standard of integrity have enabled BTI to become a trusted resource for clients around the world.

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