FNS 100 – Fast Neutron Spectrometer 100

The FNS-100 is a high efficiency, high resolution fast neutron spectrometer. The detector is a multi-wire 3He ion chamber with a dense quenching gas. The availability of both high efficiency and exceptional resolution in one instrument makes the FNS-100 useful for nuclear science and engineering, materials research and radiation protection.

The FNS-100 is supplied with an integral cadmium and boron shield to reduce its sensitivity to thermal neutrons. The residual thermal neutron peak is a convenient feature for energy calibration and stability monitoring. The FNS-100 spectrometer, as provided with custom preamplifier and notch filter, is fully compatible with standard spectroscopy electronics (not provided) like those used with Ge spectrometer systems.

  • Unsurpassed resolution < 20 keV (thermal peak)
  • Matched preamplifier
  • Notch filter for reduction of microphonics
  • Compact, lightweight