Organizational Commitment


Bubble Technology Industries Inc. (BTI) is recognized as an innovative company with particular expertise in identification, quantification and utilization of ionizing radiation.  BTI is committed to providing its goods and services in a manner that is accessible by all people.  This will ensure that a greater number of organizations can benefit from BTI’s goods and services.

BTI is also committed to recruiting and retaining skilled workers.  Barriers to accessibility will be identified and then either removed or circumvented so that BTI has access to the largest available pool of talent.


Policies and Procedures


BTI has developed policies and procedures to support the commitments stated above.  The policies and procedures were prepared in accordance with the Integrated Accessibility Standards (Ontario Regulation 191/11).  These policies and procedures have been documented in BTI’s Accessibility Manual.  BTI will make this document available upon request.  The document or the information in the document can be provided in an accessible format.  Please feel free to discuss your needs with BTI.


Accessibility Plan


BTI has established, implemented, and maintains a documented accessibility plan. The plan outlines BTI’s strategy to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility.

The plan will be made available in an accessible format on request.

BTI will review its accessibility plan at least once every five years.




Members of the public or third parties may provide feedback to BTI regarding the manner in which it provides goods and services.  This feedback can be provided by one of several methods.  Please see our Contact Information page for the different contact methods.