BTI Begins work in Landmine Detection

BTI begins its first research and development project aimed at detecting landmines. This project would ultimately lead to several follow-on projects, as well as the delivery of multiple landmine detection vehicles to the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Invention of the MicroSpec2

Improvements on commercial products have always been a focus of BTI. In 1993, the company would produce its second MicroSpec product – the MicroSpec 2. This product, along with its suite of probes, was an improvement on the earlier version, allowing for more portability and range of measurements.

The first commercially available ROSPEC

Always looking to innovate, in 1992 the team at BTI would introduce the Rotating Neutron Spectrometer (ROSPEC).  A ROSPEC could generate spectral data for a neutron field, which historically would take weeks to months of a specialist’s time. ROSPEC revolutionized radiation measurement techniques and continues to be the gold standard in neutron spectroscopy throughout the […]

The Invention of the MicroSpec

MicroSpec was the second product created at BTI. This system was the first portable spectrometer – a device used to identify radioactive isotopes. Up until this point, samples would be taken and sent to a lab for analysis, which would create long delays for projects. This product was first used by the Government of Canada […]

Invention of the Bubble Detector

In 1984, Dr. Harry Ing- a Research Scientist at Atomic Energy Canada Limited, develops a sensitive neutron detector using a polymer gel which form a bubble when struck by a neutron. The resulting bubbles can then be counted to give a measure of the neutron dose. This was a major breakthrough as Bubble Detectors could […]

Bubble Technology Industries is Formed and Incorporated

Under recommendation from the President of Atomic Energy Canada Limited – Chalk River Laboratories and the Government of Canada, Dr. Harry Ing forms his own company to manufacture and sell his latest invention – the Bubble Detector. The company would be situated in Chalk River, and occupy a facility which was once a local hardware […]

Bubble Detectors Used in Space

The uniqueness of the Bubble Detector made it a dosimeter of choice for neutron measurements. This included both terrestrial studies and studies in space. The Bubble Detector was first used in space in 1989 to measure cosmic radiation received by Astronauts for the duration of their missions. This method of dosimetry is still used today, […]